Are you having trouble meeting tight copy writing deadlines? Is messaging creating a lag in your schedule? Would you like to highlight customer successes but don’t have the time?

Limedance Communications has nearly 25 years of experience in making businesses shine when it comes to marketing communication. We specialize in interviewing and writing case studies, BLOG content, eBooks, whitepapers, web content, articles, Microsoft award submissions, and much, much more. Let us interview your technology experts and take writing off their plate as a ghostwriter for them.

Contact us today to chat about what we can offload for you and your team when it comes to marketing content creation.

Case Studies: Nothing demonstrates your company’s ability to serve and deliver solutions to clients more than a case study/client success story. Limedance has completed hundreds of case studies for its clients. The process begins with your identifying a client. Limedance completes an internal interview with your team to gather insight into the project. Then we speak with your client for 45-60 minutes to gather additional information and quotes. We then develop the content and share the draft with you and your client for edits. We will work with you until the deliverable is a perfect example of your technology and industry expertise. This is an 8-10-hour project from start to finish.

BLOG content: BLOG posts are important tools for highlighting your company as a subject matter expert. Limedance can help your team maintain a regular cadence of posts with our writing expertise. We regularly interview team members for content, and transform it into a quick, digestible post to support your marketing campaigns. We are happy to take on the ghostwriting role for your technology experts. We recommend 750-1,000-word posts as an ideal length. This is typically a 5-7-hour project.

eBooks: eBooks are powerful, visual tools when it comes to sharing content with your prospects and clients. Limedance regularly develops eBook content for its clients. We transform your content into a quick, digestible read. This is typically a 5-7-hour project.

Whitepapers: Whitepapers are powerful when it comes to digging deeper into a subject. Limedance conducts research and develops content for a variety of technology thought leadership. This is typically a 10-15-hour project.

Web Content, Articles, Editing: Limedance can help with any marketing content that needs to be polished or repurposed for web content or articles, or any editing that you may need.

Microsoft Partner Awards: Every year, Limedance helps to develop award submissions for Microsoft partners, and we have a great record of success for winning and finalist submissions! This requires several internal calls to determine which award categories fit for the previous fiscal year, and data gathering. We like to start our submissions with an interesting story or customer to draw in the reader, and then highlight your success as a Microsoft business partner. Each award submission can take 10-15 hours to develop in multiple iterations.